ITU Age Group World Champs – Draft Legal!!

The ITU have come out this week and said that the 2016 Sprint Distance World Championships will be draft legal for all age group athletes.

Although the implementation process has not been completed, this is seen as a big change of direction for age group

Will the qualification races be draft legal? Will there be licensing required to race draft legal? Road bike or TT Bike?

The move to the draft legal format does remove the constant issue of TO’s interpretation of the drafting rules and will make for some very exciting racing with packs of stong swim/bikers trying to burn the legs of the quick runners but what about the safety aspect? Watching people riding in bunches can be scary enough let alone adding the adreneline and ego of a World Chamionship Race!

If people are given enough opportunity to learn their racing craft at a more local level this will be a great decision by the ITU. If not, it could turn into a pile of bloody bodies in the middle of a World Championship race!

The other issue we see is how do you start the races? You can’t have the 3-4 minute gap that we currently see between age groups as you will potentially see Women caught up in groups of Men and getting an unfair free ride, whether that be away from a group or getting dragged up to a lead group.

I’m sure we will see lots of intersting commentary on this topic over the near future and it will be a great new twist to our sport.

Our tip?

If your keen to head these Championships, you’ll need to be strong in both draft legal and non-drafting disciplines. As at this stage the qualification rules have not been set.

Might be a good time to get involved with your local cycling club and learn the craft of draft legal racing through Crit or Road racing as you’ll find the strong riders will be very skilled in these arts.

At this stage there has been no changes to the olympic (standard) distance races.

So keep your eyes on your local association as more info comes to light.


Agnes Water Triathlon

This weekend saw a number of our athletes head to the Agnes Water Triathlon in the beautiful Central Queensland!

Perfect conditions greeted all the racers on Sunday morning with a nice and flat, 2 lap surf swim. The ride threw up a little curve ball with the wind getting up and making the ride back into town on each lap a little tougher than expected!! But everyone was still smiling at the end………

Off the bike and onto the 2 lap run, everyone was greeted by a fantastic group of supporters for most of the course before finishing ocean side to the cheers of the locals!!

We had some great results including 2 Age Group podiums and 1 Overall Podium with Sherry “Rooster” Ey picking up second in the females.

Liam McIlwee’s day was rudely interupted with a flat tyre but showed plenty of composure to run the bike back to transition and then post one of the fastest run splits of the day!

Wade Knott & Grant Little had great races with tired bodies and are really starting to look good heading towards the Hervey Bay 100!

If you haven’t been there, do youself a favour and get invovlved in this great local race that always gets a great turnout in a fantastic location!

Results for the day can be found here:

A BIG thank you to the organisers and volunteers for another great day and we are sure most of our team will be back next year!!

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