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Introduction to Functional Strength Training

Kephren Izzard/ February 11, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

Mention the words “Strength Work” to 95% of endurance athletes and at best you’ll get a blank, amused look but a far more common response is running away, fingers in the ears and screaming Lalalalala!!! But what is the basis of this fear? And why don’t we want strength training in our programs? Maybe changing the name to Functional Movement Training or

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Track Monday – 21 January 2019

Kephren Izzard/ January 22, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

Our track sessions are ultimately designed to be done on a track, but can be done on the road or tread mill. Warm Up 10mins easy running 10mins mobilising the body – Walking lunges, Glute activation, good technique leg swings, etc 4x 100m building pace run through’s as 1. 15m Heel to backside kicks – stay nice and tall, good arm

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