It’s not always about us!!

Kephren Izzard/ October 19, 2016/ News/ 1 comments

I’m pretty privileged to work with some pretty special athletes.
Driven, committed, competitive & inspiring athletes.

But there is one thing that trumps hard work. Beats natural talent and even makes winning, well, not so shiney.

Doing it for others.

And what do I mean doing it for others? Not just racing for your family or your mates or the local bike shop that just gave you a free jersey.

I mean supporting those in need. Real need.

And I’m really privileged to see that commitment close up with our athletes who’s selfless drive comes from making other people’s lives a little bit better.

Whether it’s Sherry providing a weekly run for a gold coin donation & turning walkers into runners into Ironman finishers because she loves seeing people become healthy and active through Bundy Road Runners.

Or Rob who runs marathons dressed up as cartoon characters raising in excess of $6000 for Dorcas Soup Kitchen this year, who provide 60-70 meals a week for those that really need it most!run-with-rob

Then there’s Troy who’s own personal sadness has lead him and his wife Kelly to raise money for T.G’s Legacy and donate to Sands Qld to raise awareness and support families who’s children are

Anthony, who supports charitable events for the local community through his own business donations and events such as Ride for a Cure to support cancer research.

These guys and girls don’t just race for their own ego, their PB’s or to win.
They carry something far greater with them every time they hit the course. A compassion and humility that if the rest of the world could invest in their spirit, and need to help others, it would be a better place.

So next time you head out the door, why not do it not just for you……..

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  1. Awesome article Kephren.

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