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It’s not always about us!!

Kephren Izzard/ October 19, 2016/ News/ 1 comments

I’m pretty privileged to work with some pretty special athletes. Driven, committed, competitive & inspiring athletes. But there is one thing that trumps hard work. Beats natural talent and even makes winning, well, not so shiney. Doing it for others. And what do I mean doing it for others? Not just racing for your family or your mates or the

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Taper Time!

Kephren Izzard/ November 17, 2014/ News, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

The Taper Week – Most athletes love/hate this period! As a lot of our athletes head into their last big races of the year (Hervey Bay 100, Ironman Western Australia), we always get the same trepidation and doubts. Have I done enough, I’m not ready, what if?? The first part of tapering is accepting that you can only do what

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