The endurance athlete’s daily mood swings………

Kephren Izzard/ January 10, 2017/ News/ 0 comments

Whether you’re training for a 10km run or an UltraMan or anything in between, there seems to be a very common emotional roller coaster that we all seem to go through!

To most of us this is just a normal day in the office, but to those new to the sport, here’s what to expect……….


  1. Why do I get up this early? Why do I even do this stupid sport?triathlon_2071715
  2. I’m sore & tired, I’m never going to get through this session……
  3. Geez, I don’t feel too bad!
  4. I’m awesome! I’m going to smash my PB next race….
  5. Wow, this is starting to hurt….
  6. FML, I’m going to die, I hate this sport…..
  7. WooooHoooo, how good am I going to get through that session! I’m gonna win the next race for sure!!
  8. Bloody hell, I’m starving!
  9. Why did I eat so much?
  10. I might just sit on the couch and watch some TV
  11. I should be stretching and rolling….
  12. (After being asleep for an hour, and someone changes the channel) “HEY, I was watching that!!!”
  13. I really need to stretch and roll…..
  14. I’m going to eat a big healthy meal tonight
  15. Baked beans on toast will do, I’m too tired to think.
  16. Why didn’t I eat that healthy dinner…….Oooooo Ice Cream!!!
  17. Set’s the alarm for 430am……..Why do I get up this early? Why do I even do this stupid sport?

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