We have a World Champ!!

Kephren Izzard/ September 12, 2017/ News/ 0 comments

Penny during the run at the Mooloolaba Triathlon earlier this year.

August was a HUGE month for us here but it doesn’t get much better than seeing your athletes achieving their goals, especially when that goal is to win a World Championship!!!

Penny Palfrey took out her age group at the ITU World Aquathlon Championships off the back of a swim that was over 2mins faster than her nearest competitor and held on to win by a minute and a half!!

As a coach, I could not have been any prouder!

Penny’s husband Chris also came home with a bronze in his Age Group being just 6 seconds behind a photo finish for first!!! An amazing result from someone who had a less than ideal preparation after an achilles tendon injury that limited him to lower intensity running for the last period of his training!!

Penny has an elite swimming background (check it out here) and they have a unique training situation…….no pool!! Chris and Penny swim in the beautiful estuary at the Town of 1770, so they have their own challenges such as weather and tide to contend with!

Chris Palfrey on his way to 3rd at the ITU Aquathlon World Championships

As a coach, I have huge respect for Penny’s knowledge of swimming and chose to guide rather than coach their swimming. I would give a goal for the session eg: aerobic endurance, threshold efforts, etc but let them put the finer details together, which has worked really well. It’s pretty hard to give 100’s off 1:30 when there’s no clock or distance marker and in one direction you could be fighting the current!

It’s unique circumstances that challenge you as a coach, make you think a little differently and expand your horizons and are extremely enjoyable when you put the puzzle together!

It was an amazing result for both Penny and Chris and it was an absolute pleasure working with both of them during their preparation!

Chris and Penny with their spoils!

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