What’s Your Why?

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The alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside.
You’ve committed to going to the gym or for a run but at 5am it doesn’t sound like the great idea it was last night……..
It was a great idea on the weekend too. When telling your friends you’re starting on a “wellness program” to lose 5-10kgs and that you’re going to run in the next local fun run. But right now you’re staring at the ceiling, trying to persuade some part of you to move and get out the door.
Ultimately, you fall back asleep convincing yourself that you’ll go this afternoon, or tomorrow morning………….. “yes, tomorrow morning I’m all in!”
And you drift off to sleep believing the lie you’ve just told yourself.
This pattern continues for a week or so until you stop even setting the alarm and go off in search of some other way of “becoming healthier”……
Sound familiar????
Across town “Jane” bounces out of bed at 5am most mornings, heading the gym, running, even occasionally swimming and rarely missing a day and when she does, there’s usually a reason. Saturday mornings you’ll find her down at the local ParkRun racing against friends and the clock more than a few times a month.
Sunday’s for Jane are a sleep in, which comes with no guilt or remorse, as she knows Monday morning when the alarm goes off her feet will hit the floor without hesitation and her week is off and running. Both figuratively and literally!!
Further down the street Mark’s alarm goes off at 430am. Every morning. Without fail. Also without a doubt, unless he’s sick, he is up and out the door. Mark is clearly on a mission.
After seeing a show on the TV about the worlds hardest one day event, the Hawaiian Ironman, a few years ago he looked at himself in the mirror vowed to not just get healthy but finish one of those Ironman Triathlons. He hasn’t achieved that yet, but he’s finished a few shorter ones and now has his sites firmly set on a Half Ironman Triathlon, his next step before the big one!
Swim, bike, run, gym are all on his menu 6-7 days a week!!
So what do Jane and Mark have that you don’t? All that energy. All that enthusiasm. Must be in their genes. They must be freaks or don’t have the same responsibilities as you. Family and work commitments, time pressures, first world problems…….
But the real reason?
They have a Why.
A deep seated reason for getting it done every day.
For Jane it was seeing a family member pass away at a young age from a lifestyle induced chronic disease, Type 2 Diabetes.
For Mark who saw himself in the mirror that day, 25kgs overweight, it became not just about him, but for his kids and family. To show them what can be achieved when you put your mind to it and help them understand a healthy lifestyle can be achieved everyday no matter what the world throws at you.
These may be extreme examples, but they lend themselves to something far simpler. To something that every single one of us needs to understand and believe. Something that a lot of modern humans seem to take for granted or don’t truly believe.
That a healthy life, with balance, brings a happier self & leads to a longer life. Period.
But you shouldn’t need a life changing epiphany to find your Why.
Yes, your Why needs to come from within, not externally. But here’s the truth – there is no wrong reason to work your ass off.
Although health and well-being should be on the top of your list, for most of us this isn’t enough to create the internal drive to make great decisions when it comes to our health.
For example, most of my decisions are driven by performance first. health second. “How can I be better today than I was yesterday?”
But why should’t it be aesthetic? To look good.
To make your partner and the whole world world go “god damn!”
It’s really a damned shame that we’re made to feel guilty when we judge books by their covers in this day and age. Including our own personal cover! And why should’t you use this as your Why?
In my world there is absolutely nothing wrong in using this as a motivator for the internal self! If this is what gets you out of bed in the morning…….get after it!!!!
DO IT!!.
Shout it from the rooftops. Put it on a billboard. Write it on the mirror. Embrace it! Tell people you just want to look better in your jeans!!
If it’s to help your kids or family learn to be healthier, you’re not just a parent, you’re superstar. A  leader!!
You’ve may have seen your parents health decline or cause issues and think “I don’t want that to be me”? The you are wise.
Why not want to try and live to 150 years old? And if that drives you every day. You’re on your way to be a pioneer!!
Deep down, everyone has a why. Sometimes it’s just hidden under a pile of guilt, resentment, worry about what your current circle will say. But there’s the key. Look deep enough and you’ll find it’s there. Even if it’s difficult to admit. It’s in there.
So make sure you take time out to reflect on what your goals and dreams really are. Where your health is. What you want to see in the reflection of the shop window. How you want to influence your family and friends.
Be real to yourself and we guarantee you’ll find it.
And when you do, life becomes easier………
Well, that commitment to get out the door or make a healthy food choice becomes easier.
It may not help you with your crazy co-worker or the string of red lights in rush hour! But getting out of bed or hitting that workout after a big day in the office will mean a whole lot more!
And remember,
People who change the world, truly and deeply believe in what they are trying to achieve.
And you need to be the same.
Find your Why and you’ll find that inner drive like Jane and Mark………….
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